Alexandra Funes

music composer for film and tv

Alexandra Funes-Salazar is a New York City-based Salvadoran film composer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Her music is inspired by the intricate morphing characteristics of humanity and is recognized for its versatile blend of orchestral, experimental, and popular genres.

extended bio

Funes has served as a lead composer on over 20 projects, including films, TV pilots, and documentaries, and has contributed as a musician and additional writer to a wide range of films; including Esmeralda (2023 Student Academy Award Nominee). Her portfolio spans local and international projects, with her music featured in film festivals such as South by Southwest, Austin Film Festival, SeriesFest, NFFTY, NYLFF, OIFF, Toronto Indie Shorts among others.
Funes has collaborated as a demo composer for Spitfire Audio and Bleeding Fingers for the launch of their Fractured Strings VST collection, as well as the Winter Sale Bundle and Abbey Road: Metal Percussion, opening the doors to ongoing partnerships with Orchestral Tools, Sonixinema, and Triumph Audio.
Alexandra holds a double bachelor’s degree in Music Technology and Music Composition from West Texas A&M University, a Master's degree in Screen Scoring from New York University, and is the founder of Abstract Forms Studios; where she currently works as a composer and songwriter for Film, TV, and branding. Embracing her roots, her focus is to help strengthen the Latinx community in film and support female voices within the industry.


As composerOn The Brink (2021) - documentary, dir. Imani Gomez
Ignite Change (2021) - podcast, host. Mary Walker
É (2022) - short film, dir. Zoé Medranda
Love Me Tenderizer (2022) - short film, dir. Jorge Corona
Deliver Me (2022) - short film, dir. Joecar Hanna-Zhang
Blink (2022) - short film, dir. Marco Lavagnino
Captive (2022) - short film, dir. Alex Ulloa
Stay (2022) - short film, co-composer, dir. Madlen Meyer
Transformations (2022) - documentary film, dir. Elizabeth Grupp
In My House (2022) - short film, dir. Majo Guillén
Humanized (2022) - TV Pilot, dir. Colin Sevely-Ortiz
Humanized (2023) - Trailer, dir. Colin Sevely-Ortiz
Quarter Life Crisis (2023) - Web Series, co-composer, dir. Raven Smith
Sulam (2022) - Trailer, dir. Noam Argov
Amor Fati (2023) - short film, dir. Katherine Huggard
Coctel Para Dos (2023) - short film, dir. Alex Ulloa
Jumen (2023) - short film, dir. Julie Kebbi
Before (2023) - short film, dir. Lynnsey Ooten
Ante El Pie Derecho (2023) - short film, dir. Marco Lavagnino
Magdalena, Te Amo (2023) - short film, dir. Andrea Calao
Where We're Going (2023) - short film, dir. Deborah Shonack
Where Time Stood Still (2023) - short film, dir. Nino Benashvili
A Beat To Rest (2024) - short film, dir. Dan Silver
Down Town (2024) - additional music Feature Film dir. Gavin Gaitan
|As musicianMiracle at Manchester (2022) - feature film, dir. Eddie McClintock
Esmeralda (2022) - short film, dir. Jennifer Greco
|Demo commissionsFractured Strings - Spitfire Audio
Winter Sale Professional - Spitfire Audio
Abbey Road Orchestra: Metal Percussion - Spitfire Audio
Opaline - Orchestral Tools
Sine Factory Clutch - Orchestral Tools
Fabrik: Achrome - Orchestral Tools
Travels In Sound - Orchestral Tools
Arkanum - Orchestral Tools
Tallinn - Orchestral Tools
Intimate Cello Legato - Sonixinema
Contemporary Solo Cello - Sonixinema
Intimate Violin Legato - Sonixinema
Cinematic Solo FX - Triumph Audio

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